We are sisters and third generation in the Colombian emerald market. Since 1979 our family has carried out the entire process of the emerald production chain, from its exploitation, commercialization and transformation (carving), to its export or mounting into jewelry and accessories.

From deep in the mountains of Muzo, Coscuez and Chivor Boyacá, Colombian emeralds team up with HADASA EMERALD to create jewelry that highlights the beauty of every woman.x


In Colombia we produce the best emeralds in the world; 98% is exported and for different reasons, such as high prices, insecurity, among others, many women are self-conscious about wearing this gemstone. At HADASA EMERALD we have created a line of accessories with raw Colombian emeralds, which allow prices to be much more affordable and for all women to wear this emblematic gemstone from Colombia.


We also have our line of gold jewelry with high quality emeralds and precious stones.